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2017 Election Candidates for 2018 Offices

The candidate members' names were put forth by the I&EC Nominating Committee as candidates for the 2017 election; they will take office in January, 2018.  The following members were put forth by the Executive Committee as candidates for offices in 2018.

Chair-elect (serves in the three year chair succession of Chair-elect, Chair, and Past-Chair, one position):

Glenn Fugate

Councilor Position 1 (2018 - 2020 term, select 1 person)

Peter Smith

Leigh Martin 

Councilor Position 2 (2018 - 2020 term)

Mary Engelman 

Treasurer (2018 - 2019 term)

Janet Smith


Bios of the candidates follow:

Glenn A. Fugate (for Chair-Elect)

Glenn A. Fugate received his B.S. (Chemistry) in 1996 at Tennessee Technological University and Ph.D. (Inorganic Chemistry) in 2004 at the Florida State University.  Dr. Fugate held research positions at Clemson University and Washington State University, working in the fields of environment chemistry and radiopharmaceuticals. He joined

Savannah River National Laboratory in 2006 and moved to Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2015, performing research in nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear safeguards. Dr, Fugate has been an active member of the ACS and the Inorganic, I&EC, and DNCT divisions since 1993 and has served Secretary (2008), Chair-Elect (2009), Chair (2010), and Past Chair (2011) of the Savannah River local section, and Vice Chair-Elect (2009), Chair-Elect (2010), Chair (2011), Past Chair (2012), and Member-at-large (2014 to present) of the Separation Science & Technology subdivision of I&EC. 

Position Statement:

I hope to use my experience within the SS&T to help the Division increase its programming and services for members.

Candidates for Councilor, Position 1, vote for 1 person 

Peter (Pete) M. Smith holds a B.S. in Chemistry (1997) and Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2000). After two years as a Franklin Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at the University of Georgia, Pete joined the faculty at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA in 2002. In 2008 Pete was promoted to Associate Professor and to Professor in 2015. He currently serves as Chair of the Division of Biological, Chemical, and Environmental Sciences.

Pete has been a member of the Division of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry for 20+ years and has served as Chair of the Green Chemistry & Engineering subdivision and as Program Chair. In addition to his work with I&EC, Pete is also active in many other areas within the ACS. He is the current Chair for the Division of Professional Relations; a member of the Committee on Chemical Abstract Service; and the Alternate Councilor for the Penn Ohio Border Section. Pete was a member of the Younger Chemists Committee from 2007-2009. He has also served on many ACS Examinations Institute exam committees.

Candidate Statement:  I am honored to have been asked to run for Councilor for the Division of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry. I have been a member of the division for as long as I have been a member of the ACS. Since 2002, I have been a chemistry professor at a small, private, liberal arts college in northwestern Pennsylvania, Westminster College. This may seem to be a strange place for someone involved in I&EC to make a career. However, my research interests closely align with the I&EC mission. My students and I are working to develop more environmentally benign methods for extracting and separating rare earth elements from scrap and end-of-life high tech products. We are also developing more sustainable methods for producing rare earth scintillating materials. I believe that I would be a good Councilor and effective representative for I&EC because I am educating the next generation of industrial chemists. A significant number of chemistry graduates are from small liberal arts colleges. I would like to represent this constituency in I&EC and help shape ACS policy for the future chemical workforce. 

Leigh R. Martin received his Ph D in Chemistry from the University of Manchester (UK) in 2003 studying degradation effects on actinide separations chemistry. He then held research positions at British Nuclear Fuels and Washington State University working in the field of aqueous f element chemistry.  For over 9 years Dr. Martin led research on minor actinide separations and radiation chemistry at Idaho National Laboratory.  Since July 2016 he has been performing research related to nuclear non-proliferation as a Nuclear Chemical Engineer within the Process Engineering Research group at ORNL. Dr. Martin has been an active ACS member through the I&EC and DNCT division and served in elected positions for the Separation Science & Technology subdivision of I&EC Vice Chair-Elect (2010), Chair-Elect (2011), Chair (2012), and Past Chair (2013) and the I&EC division itself Chair-Elect (2014), Chair (2015), and Past Chair (2016)

Position StatementI am excited for the opportunity to represent the Division if elected to serve as Councilor.  Through the experience of serving at the division and subdivision level, I have had the opportunity to learn about the background and philosophy of the division that will assist me in effectively representing the Division on the Council floor.  I feel that I have much to offer to the Division as we address the challenges of membership and bringing together the needs of the industrial and chemical engineering communities and most importantly delivering Division service to its members.  Thank you for your consideration as it would be an honor to continue serving the I&EC Division.

Councilor Position 2 Candidate

Mary Engelman

Mary Engelman began her career at Eastman Chemical Company working in numerous positions; Chemical Process and Engineering Research Laboratory, Chemical Synthesis Research Laboratory, Chemistry and Catalysis Research Laboratory, to name a few. She has been actively involved in the process of discovering new, breakthrough technology and products. In her current position she is an Innovation Process Manager in the Process and Application Innovation, Strategic Technology organization.

ACS Affiliations and Recognition:

Mary has been in very involved in the ACS in such organizations as the Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Division, the Multi-Disciplinary Program Group, Career Consultant, Division Activity Committee, Committee on Technician Affairs, Division of Chemical Technicians, SERMACS, and Northeast Tennessee Section of the ACS to name a few.  She has served these organizations as a Program Chair, Secretary, Meeting organizer, Summit chair, Strategic Planning committee, Chair Succession and more.  For I&EC Mary has held several positions such as Counselor, Program Chair, Program Secretary, organized numerous symposia, I&EC Applied Chemical Technology Subdivision (ACTS) founding member and Program Chair/Vice Chair. Member or the ACS Nominations and Elections Committee. 

Mary was honored in the 2009 Inaugural Class of ACS Fellows.  Other recognitions include the ACS E. Ann Nalley Southeastern Award for Volunteer Service in the Southeast Region, a Salute to Excellence from the ACS Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Division,  the “Making the Difference Award” from ACS Career Services, the National Chemical Technician Award, Distinguished Service Award and a Salute to Excellence from the Division of Chemical Technicians.  From her local section she was received the Speaker of the Year Award and the local section Technician Award.  Mary also received an Honorable Discharge from the United States Air Force and had received two Air Force Commendation Medals.

Position Statement:

I&EC has a lot to offer the Industrial Community.  We have many resources for mentoring and sharing best practices.  I would be honored to serve as your representative on Council, giving a voice to all I&EC members.   

Janet Smith (candidate for Treasurer)

As the incumbent candidate for treasurer, I will continue to offer experience, integrity, and accountability. My background includes training in bookkeeping (accounting classes, ACS & IRS training for 501c3 organizations), as well as 8 years as an ACS Division treasurer (I&EC and TECH), and 2 years as Midland Local Section treasurer. As treasurer of I&EC, I will continue to ensure that the books are kept in a professional manner and up to date, and will adhere to good accounting practices. I will continue to process bills and credits within a reasonable period of receipt, and will ensure that all IRS requirements and dead-lines are met, and all documents filed on time. I take the responsibilities of the office seriously and will perform all duties of treasurer in an open and professional manner, and strive to ensure that the Division does not violate any 501c3 rules, which could jeopardize its non-profit designation. 

Professional Experience: 2014-2017: S&T Technologist, Dow Corning Corporation, Engineered Materials Product Development. Worked in product development at Dow Corning 1989 - 2017. Co-authored 2 articles (Journal of Materials Chemistry), 1 magazine (DCI) article, and 1 book chapter Advances in Controlled Drug Delivery, Dinh & Liu, 2003. I have 22 US patents, and 5 world patents.

Awards: 2014 ACS Fellow, 2008 recipient of the National Chemical Technician Award. Dow Corning Awards include 1 Commercialization Award, 3 Technical Achievement Awards, and 1 Business Athlete award.

 Activities: ACS National: ACS member since 1996. I&EC Treasurer 2014-2017, Committee on Budget & Finance (B&F) 2016-2017, Committee on Technician Affairs (CTA) 2012-2015, Division (TECH) Chair-elect/Chair/Past Chair (2005-2007), Division Treasurer (2001-2004). As TECH Treasurer, I was able to increase net assets 66% and income 84% in the 4 year period.  Midland Local ACS Section activities: 2011-2016 Director, 2009 -2010 Treasurer, 2011-2017 Finance Committee Chair, Project Science Literacy, 1996 – 2003: Midland Section ACS Awards Committee 1997, 1999, & 2000, 2012-2016: MMTG Chair-elect/Chair (1999-2000), Treasurer (1997), Delegate. As MMTG Chair, membership doubled.

Other Activities: 2001-2017, Advisory Board for Delta College’s Chemical Technology program; 2006-2010, National Science Foundation panel member, NSF-ATE program; 2001- 2005, Chairman of Bay Area Dow Corning Employees Scholarship Fund, committee member 1997-present.