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2018 Election Candidates for 2019 Offices

The following members' names were put forth by the I&EC Nominating Committee as candidates for the 2018 Division election; those elected will take office in January, 2019. 

Chair-elect (serves in the three year chair succession of Chair-elect, Chair, and Past-Chair, one position):

Samuel Morton


Joe Saviano 

Councilor Position (2019 - 2021 term, select 1 person)

Leigh R. Martin 

Martin Abraham 


Bios of the candidates follow:

Chair Elect

Samuel Morton

Samuel A Morton III received his B.S in Chemical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University in 1996, a M.S in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tennessee Space Institute in 1998, and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tennessee in 2004. He worked as a Process & Controls Engineer with Bechtel Savannah River Inc. at the Department of Energy Savannah River Site in Aiken, SC from 1998 until returning to graduate school in 2000 to continue his graduate studies in Chemical Engineering.  Following the completion of this Doctorate, he accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Lafayette College, in Easton PA in 2004. In 2008 he joined the Biofuels & Environmental Catalysis research group at the Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) at the University of Kentucky.   In August of 2012 he joined the faculty in the Department of Engineering at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA, where he is presently a tenured Associate Professor.  He is currently the Director of the Center for Materials Science at James Madison University.  He has been an active member in the leadership of the Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Division form more than a decade, serving as the National Membership Chairperson for the I&EC Division from 2007 until 2011, and as the Division Secretary from 2011 until present.   He is a licensed Professional Chemical Engineer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  His research interests are in the development of green separations processes and in the use of conceptual process design and techno-economic /life-cycle assessment to evaluate novel bio-energy processes and technologies. Recently he has been active in the analysis of the potential for industrial hemp to serve as a feedstock for potential biorefineries in Virginia.

Position Statement:  I am honored to be considered for the position of Division Chair-Elect.  During my time participating in the operational governance of the I&EC Division I have had the opportunity to learn about our unique history and mission and to be mentored y truly outstanding chemical professionals. I feel that this time in service has given me much to offer the Division as we continue to address the changes to both our professional environments and our professional society. These challenges are not unique to our division and I will seek out opportunities to interface with other divisions and professionals to establish collaborative opportunities to address these issues. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve the I&EC Division and thank you for your consideration.


Joe Saviano

Good Day!

My name is Joe Saviano and am a Chemist that works in the Industrial Lubricants and Cleaners market. I have been working with I&EC in various roles the past 3 years and want to step up into a new and exciting role. Personally I am in charge of R&D as well as anything technical at Biosolutions LLC. Industrial practitioners in chemistry have been withdrawing from ACS, let’s work to give Industry a better value proposition to continue to grow the scientific community.  I hope to help chemists communicate their efforts and lessons learned with a broader depth utilizing less time intensive, and costly methods.

  “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” – Oscar Wilde


Leigh R. Martin

Leigh R. Martin received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Manchester (UK) in 2003 studying degradation effects on actinide separations chemistry. He has held research positions at British Nuclear Fuels and Washington State University working in the field of aqueous felement chemistry.  For over 9 years Dr. Martin led research on minor actinide separations and radiation chemistry at Idaho National Laboratory.  Since July 2016 he has been performing research related to nuclear non-proliferation as a Nuclear Chemical Engineer within the Process Engineering Research group at ORNL. Dr. Martin has been an active ACS member through the I&EC and DNCT division and served in elected positions for the Separation Science & Technology subdivision of I&EC Vice Chair-Elect (2010), Chair-Elect (2011), Chair (2012), and Past Chair (2013) and the I&EC division itself Chair-Elect (2014), Chair (2015), Past Chair (2016) and the Awards Chair (2016-present).

Position Statement:

I am excited for the opportunity to represent the Division if elected to serve as Councilor.  Through the experience of serving at the division and subdivision level, I have had the opportunity to learn about the background and philosophy of the division that will assist me in effectively representing the Division on the Council floor.  I feel that I have much to offer to the Division as we address the challenges of membership and bringing together the needs of the industrial and chemical engineering communities and most importantly delivering Division service to its members.  Thank you for your consideration as it would be an honor to continue serving the I&EC Division.

Martin Abraham

I am pleased to be able to run again to continue as Councilor for the I&EC Division.  I have served the Division as a Councilor continuously following my service as Chair in 2002.  Serving as a Councilor provides a unique perspective of ACS operations. I have become familiar with the governance operations and the role of governance in the operation of the organization.  I have also learned the value of the ACS staff, who provide permanent knowledge of ACS operations and are incredibly helpful to members in need. 

I had originally intended not to run for re-election, as I have not been able to commit the time required to do a quality job while I have served in academic administration.  However, I stepped down from administration at the end of spring semester and am now returning to faculty, and therefore expect to have the time to commit to ACS activities.  I look forward to re-engaging in a significant way.

During my time as a Councilor, I served on the Committee for Environmental Improvement, rising to become chair before being term limited off the committee.  As a member of CEI, I connected the Division with the committee to promote programming that impacted our members.  For several years, we were central to ACS programming through our Green Chemistry and Engineering subdivision, which has now dissolved as our membership has moved into other areas of industrial and engineering chemistry. I became engaged with the Meeting Programming Planning Group (MPPG), again rising to serve as chair, and again working to connect the Division with the broader ACS meeting agenda.  We have been successful developing a number of themes that should meet I&EC member interests, and I continue to be involved with MPPG as the I&EC Division representative.

I also currently serve on the Divisional Activities Committees, which oversees many of the operations of the divisions. Over the past few years, we have discussed the dues allocation formula, the formation of new Divisions, and ways to better engage members and recruit new members.  This last area is one in which I am particularly interested, as it will affect the sustainability of all ACS technical divisions. Our members expect us to provide value regardless of whether they will be attending the national meeting.  I am pleased that I&EC has greatly expanded its reach, working with regional conferences and seeking new ways to engage with its members.  There’s more we can do, but we’re making progress in this area. 

In sum, I have been engaged in the Division leadership for nearly two decades, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time of service. We have accomplished a great deal in this time, but we still have a great deal more that we can do to support our members.  I would welcome the opportunity to continue to serve as your Councilor, and to be one of your voices to the central governance of ACS.  I welcome your input and ideas at any time, and hope to hear from you as we formulate an agenda for the continued growth and success of the I&EC Division.



We have had comments on election ballots regarding the lack of more than one candidate for each elected position. I&EC Historian Bill Flank says "The wording in the bylaws specifies two candidates for Chair-Elect, but allows one or more for other offices. We are required to hold elections annually, and the Nominating Committee should name at least two candidates for Chair-Elect, and at least one candidate for each other available office, but we have on occasion in the past had a single nominee for Chair-Elect.  That, however, does not obviate the need for the election process. In addition, any member may be nominated for an office by signed petition of fifty members of the Division, although in practice it is difficult to meet the requirements and the schedule.  No provision has been made for write-ins of any kind." Councilor Spiro Alexandratos adds: "The 'lack of choice' is not the fault of the Executive Committee or the Nominating Committee: both aggressively recruit candidates. In order to increase the pool from which we can draw candidates, we are now recruiting for people to serve in appointed positions. In this way, they can learn how the division operates and then be tapped for elected positions. Most, if not all, of those in elected positions followed this route." If you are interested in holding office, please become involved in the business of the division by contacting the Past Chair David Hobbs,, or Chair, George Stanley,