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The Green Chemistry and Engineering Subdivision--Officers

Chair  – Yinlun Huang, Wayne State University (

Chair-Elect  – Rich Engler, EPA (

Immediate Past Chair – Pete Smith , Westminster College (

Program Chair – Qiang Xu, Lamar University (


Mission Statement

The Green Chemistry and Engineering Subdivision promotes research, education, and global outreach on activities related to sustainable chemical manufacturing. Activities within Green Chemistry and Engineering encompass the design of more environmentally benign syntheses, development of green products and manufacturing processes, and utilization of renewable resources, while maximizing the environmental and economic benefits. We especially encourage interaction between academia, industry, and government. Chemists and engineers who are involved with or interested in Green Chemistry and Engineering are encouraged to participate.

Green Chemistry and Green Engineering described the efforts of chemists and engineers to develop processes and products that prevent pollution and are inherently safe for humans and the environment. Implementing Green Chemistry and Engineering will improve the quality of the environment for present and future generations. Manufacturing a chemical product requires a synthetic pathway as well as a safe and efficient chemical manufacturing strategy. Thus, both chemistry and engineering are required to achieve true source reduction.


The primary mission of the Green Chemistry and Engineering (GC&E) Subdivision is the dissemination of current and pertinent information to professionals in chemistry and chemical engineering.

As a professional actively engaged in work that utilizes the principles of Green Chemistry and Engineering, you are invited to join the Subdivision. Membership is free to members of the Industrial and Engineering Chemistry division (I&EC)

If you are not yet a member of I&EC, then in your renewal form specify membership in both I&EC and GC&E. If you are already a member of I&EC, then inform the Secretary of the GC&E subdivision that you wish to join.


Matching Funds are Available from the Subdivision in Support of Symposia

One mission of the Subdivision is to foster high quality programming activities. In support of this objective, funds are available from the Subdivision to support relevant programming activities at ACS national and regional meetings as well as other international symposia. Organizers interested in obtaining matching funds should contact any member of the Executive Committee for more details, including selection criteria.