Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Division

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The Novel Chemistry with Industrial Applications (NCIA) Subdivision

Chair: George Stanley,

Programming Chair, Joe Zoeller,

Past-Chair, R. Tom Baker,


Programming in Novel Chemistry with Industrial Applications Subdivision

Symposium programming in the Novel Chemistry with Industrial Applications subdivision is beginning to make significant impacts on the division's programming. At the Fall, 2004 meeting in Philadelphia, the subdivision initiated a divisional plenary symposium on “Sustainability in the Chemical Industry”. The subdivision has had programs in “Process Intensification”; “Chemistry in the Electronics Industry”; “Ionic Liquids”, and “Diagnostics in Detection of Biological and Chemical Warfare Agents and Food Safety” which is indicative of a healthy pipeline for future programming.

The Novel Chemistry with Industrial Applications subdivision is attempting to a participate in the divisional goal of forging closer relationships with ACS's sister organization, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, by trying to arrange joint programming efforts. The symposium on Process Intensification is an example where we are attempting to coordinate programming so both entities get wide exposure for this mutually useful technology. Success will depend on the involvement of people dedicated to this goal.


Whereas the Novel Chemistry with Industrial Applications subdivision has been successful at generating an interesting slate of programs for the division, it will need to grow its membership if this type of programming is to continue long term. For those of you who may not be familiar with the subdivision, the mission of the division is to:

“Provide a forum for the dissemination of novel chemistry directed toward industrial applications within traditional and non-traditional chemistry related industries.”

While the subdivision shares the traditional role of the I&EC to publicize chemistry and engineering leading to cheaper, cleaner, and less energy intensive production methods with the rest of I&EC, the sub-division is unique in that it will also seek:

• Chemistry in industries not traditionally considered a purely chemical enterprise, such as electronics, transportation, security, communications, defense, nutrition, and diagnostics.

• Chemistry imbedded in multidisciplinary research efforts and industries, such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, electronics, and diagnostic devices.

Chemistry in these arenas is rapidly evolving, but since they cross traditional disciplines and are often in non-traditional chemical industries, they often lack a good home elsewhere in ACS.

If you feel it is important to have a subdivision to meet this need, we would encourage you to support the effort by joining the subdivision. There is no additional cost. Simply contact the subdivision chair, R. Tom Baker, Director, Centre for Catalysis Research and Innovation, Department of Chemistry, University of Ottawa, 30 Marie Curie, BSC 512B Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5 Canada, Ph: (613) 562-5698, to join the subdivision or to get additional information.