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Symposium Organizers’ Responsibilities

As an organizer for a symposium under I&EC Division auspices, you are expected to participate in the meetings and activities of the I&EC Division Programming Committee, and agree to the following:

1. Topics selected for I&EC National Meeting Symposia should emphasize research & development activities and/or reduction-to-practice of processes and technologies or topics that are of interest and significance to the applied chemical sciences and/or the chemical industry.

2. The organizer must provide the I&EC Program Chair with the title of the symposium and any co-organizers in a timely manner.  Organizers must have access to the ACS PACS system.

3. Potential cooperative co-sponsors, nominal sponsors, or financial sponsors need to be identified.  The I&EC Program Chair and the program chair of the potential co-sponsor division or group must be copied on all correspondence.  The final agreement must be approved by the I&EC Program Chair.  Co-sponsors must contribute to the symposium financially or via co-organizing by getting speakers.  Program sponsoring does not include any royalties from Symposium Series books or other publications unless agreed to in writing and approved by the I&EC Executive Committee.

a. Cooperative co-sponsors are defined as groups that jointly arrange the event, contribute to its programming, and share financial responsibilities and participation.

b. Nominal sponsors lend their name and logo as a co-sponsor and help to advertise the event, but have no involvement in programming and no financial obligation or participation.

c. Financial sponsors are outside groups that only provide financial assistance and have no role in event planning or programming.

4. If financial support for the symposium is requested, use the guidelines in the attached document, Note that the Symposium Organizer is expected to:

Submit receipts and expense reports to the I&EC Program Chair within 15 days after the last day of the national ACS meeting.

5. Organizers will adhere strictly to deadlines, including a Call for Papers, abstract submission, etc.  Organizers will organize symposia by splitting into sessions, setting presentation times, estimating potential attendance, adding session moderators, etc. (MUST BE ENTERED IN THE ACS PACS SYSTEM).  You agree to use the Organizers’ ACS Manual and work with the I&EC Program Chair to assure you understand how to accomplish these tasks.

6. The Program Chair will send out a request for symposium presentation times and a request for refreshments, around the time the abstract submission period closes.  Everyone must respond with their first three choices of presentation time, and if they would like refreshments or a luncheon set-up.  A timeline will be given, and you agree to adhere to that.

a. No symposium will be guaranteed specific presentation days.  However, the Program Chair will take your specific requests into consideration.  Please explain why certain days are preferred. 

b. Please do not tell potential speakers they will present on specific days. This cannot be guaranteed and is not under I&EC control.

c. The I&EC Program Chair will work with you as needed, and will remind you of deadlines.  By working together, a successful symposium will result.